About us

Sindhi Association of Europe (SAE) was launched in London on 22 September 2012 to network Sindhis in whole of Europe with following aims and objectives:

SAE aims to provide a broad platform for all members of Sindhi Community residing in Europe irrespective of their age, gender, and political and religious beliefs. SAE aims to cater to the community needs of all Sindhis living in Europe. We intend to involve as many Sindhis as possible in community activities based on mutual trust and respect. SAE aims to develop most modern, dynamic, transparent and efficient organization where community activities are carried out on democratic principles, teamwork and collective leadership, which would cultivate and promote healthy family entertainment, social, cultural and linguistic activities for Sindhi Community. SAE would discourage within its ranks all unhealthy traits like self-projection, undemocratic attitudes, greed and disrespect for others etc.

SAE aims to launch projects for the socio-economic, educational, professional, entrepreneurship and career developments of Sindhis living in Europe.

SAE aims to bring younger Sindhi generation closer and prepare them to shoulder the future responsibilities of global Sindhi Community by doing so we would encourage them to compete and enhance their capacities. SAE will award outstanding Sindhis for their achievements in their respective fields SAE is fully cognizant of its responsibilities towards our motherland Sindh and all the Sindhis wherever they happen to be living around the globe. SAE pledges to network with global Sindhi Community and raise its voice and contribute whatever is possible to the consensus just causes of Sindh and Sindhi people.

To network Sindhis in Europe, SAE has resolved to make wider term of SINDHYAT as its guiding principle, which encompasses our centuries old civilization and wisdom based on secularism, tolerance, peace, self reliance, respectful coexistence and welfare of all nations and humanity at large.