Welcome to Sindhi Association of Europe

Sindh is one of the most ancient civilization of the world. Sindhis are the proud inheritors of this glorious ancient civilization and torch bearer of the lofty objectives which have emerged since the human civilization took its journey towards today’s modern world. Sindh, Sindhis and Sindhyat throughout its history of over 7000 years have immensely contributed to the human civilization. We the Sindhis who in todays world live in over 150 countries globally take pride that by and large we have remained one of the most peaceful, secular, tolerant and humanist nation on earth. Our history, culture, attitudes to oneself, family , neighbors and to diverse people are witness to it. Currently there are over 400 different Sindhi Diaspora Organisations all over the world striving for similar community services . Sindhi Association of Europe is working to network all the Sindhis living in Europe. We aim to serve Sindh, Sindhis and Sindhyat to the best of our capabilities.